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Boards and Committees

Policy and Planning Board

Presidents:  Terry Andrews, Monica Boyd, Kate Morrison

Treasurers:  Eileen Rath, Heather Althoff

1st Vice President:  Lorraine Bowyer

2nd Vice President:  Lynn Reed

Secretary:  Renee Frank

Standing Committees
  • Club Communications:  Ina Willers

  • Website:  Emkarr Meehan

  • Theater Service:  Eileen Rath

  • Ways & Means:  Dina Rose, Sandra McTernan, Hope Sferra

  • Membership:  Tina Walker

  • Adopt a Class:  Wendi Poretti

  • Spelling Bee:  Kathleen Walsh

  • Scholarship:  Amanda Ford

  • Liberty District Representative:  Terry Andrews

  • Parliamentarian/By-Laws:  Lori Dahl

  • Volunteer:  Sandy Chambers, Sophie Ferronato, Michele Luchejko

  • Literature:  Joyce Zemsky, Emkarr Meehan

  • Twin Maples Beautification:  Joyce Zemsky, Sandra McTernan

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