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Summit Junior Fortnightly Club

Summit Junior Fortnightly Club is now The Fortnightly Club of Summit

July 2021.  It is with great excitement that we announce the forging of the two Fortnightly Clubs in Summit: The Summit Junior Fortnightly Club and the Fortnightly Club of Summit!


These two clubs started as one, The Fortnightly Club, in 1893, and split into two clubs in 1932 due to a sizable membership and a desire for the younger members to have their own group. Nearly ninety years later, we have reunited the two clubs, while keeping our mission to serve our surrounding communities, with a focus on improving the welfare of women and children.

The fundraising, projects, and activities that are near and dear to our hearts will continue. And with the combination of manpower, we can make a more of a difference. The Summit Junior Fortnightlies will recognize Adopt-A-Class, Spelling Bee, SHIP cooking, etc., and the Fortnightlies will be familiar with fundraising for our Scholarships, special events, Book Club and so much more. In the late Spring we are hoping to get back to the theater – we will keep you posted.


Summit Junior Fortnightly Club is a 501 (c)3 women’s social and service organization dedicated to volunteerism and fundraising, with a focus on improving the welfare of families and children within our community.

Past Presidents of Summit Junior Fortnightly Club

2020-2021  Monica Boyd & Kate Morrison

2019-2020  Brianne Finnegan & Megan Vartan

2018-2019  Beverly Brown & Amy Robb

2017-2018  Jennifer Richter & Rosie Zbeda

2016-2017  Shelly Davies

2015-2016  Shelly Davies & Tina Walker

2014-2015  Sandy Chambers & Lisa Parkins

2013-2014  Wendi Porretti

2012-2013  Wendi Porretti & Jenna Sullivan

2011-2012  Kelly Iacovelli & Liz Pollock

2010-2011  Lucy Lord & Stephanie Perrone

2009-2010  Elizabeth Molnar-Girouard & Christine Gottesman

2008-2009  Julie Adams & Tracy Claus

2007-2008  Dawn Calvetti & Julie McTernan

2006-2007  Colleen Chambers & Terri Schlenger

2004-2006  Kathy Branchina & Danielle Maloney

2003-2004  Lynn Reed & Diane Dresdale-Rogoff

2002-2003  Lorraine Bowyer & Lynn Reed

2001-2002  Lorraine Bowyer & Kelly Sandulli

1999-2001  Terry Andrews & Amanda Ford

1998-1999  Kathy Hugin

1997-1998  Vicki Weber & Sharon Hoobler

1996-1997  Lisa Ophel & Vicki Weber

1994-1996  Valeria Garcia & Joanne Love

1992-1994  Sheila Pelzer

1991-1992  Nancy Flannery

1989-1991  Mrs. Todd Sitomer

1987-1989  Mrs. Peter Needham

1986-1987  Mrs. Daniel Keating

1984-1986  Mrs. David Porter

1982-1984  Mrs. John K. Mell, Jr.

1980-1982  Mrs. Anthony Rudy

1979-1980  Mrs. Ben Hander

1978-1979  Mrs. W. Barton Wood

1976-1978  Mrs. Roger F. Rew

1975-1976  Mrs. H. Arthur Cornell

1974-1975  Mrs. William Wenslau

1973-1974  Mrs. James Anderson

1972-1973  Mrs. Alfred E. Schretter

1971-1972  Mrs. James Clark

1970-1971  Mrs. Alan Woodruff

1968-1970  Mrs. Kenneth Scherer

1967-1968  Mrs. William B. Greer, Jr.

1965-1967  Mrs. Watson B. Smith, Jr.

1964-1965  Mrs. Robert Osborne

1962-1964  Mrs. Kenneth Robson, Jr.

1960-1962  Mrs. Henry Stricker

1959-1960  Mrs. Philip Regan

1957-1959  Mrs. Richard Garton

1955-1957  Mrs. Herbert Strong

1953-1955  Mrs. William Ruch

1951-1953  Miss Anita Campagna

1949-1951  Miss Pauline Matte

1948-1949  Mrs. Richard Merrell

1946-1948  Miss Mildred Hoogstraat

1943-1946  Miss Dorothy Morse

1942-1943  Miss Dorothy Blaesing

1941-1942  Miss Alison Anderson

1938-1941  Mrs. Robert Dunsmore

1937-1938  Miss Florence Corcoran

1936-1937  Miss Hazel Justice

1935-1936  Mrs. John Leavens

1934-1935  Miss Ruth Voorhees

1933-1934  Miss Adrienne Louis

1932-1933  Miss Pauline Witike

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